What is Cross-Selling?

Have you ever heard about what is cross-selling? Cross-Selling is a sales technique to generate more sales or to get a customer to spend more by purchasing products that are related to the product he already purchased  

Cross-selling increases your revenue per order.  

Cross-Selling in Ecommerce

The cross-selling strategy in eCommerce is the most effective sales strategy in eCommerce as it gives focuses on introducing new products or similar products or items to customers who are viewing a product on the site or already added to the cart. If you implement the Cross-Selling techniques correctly feels natural and improves the customer’s buying experience by showing them complementary items that can increase the initial purchase.  

Cross-Selling Examples 

There are many types of examples of what is cross-selling and they differ from industry to industry and the products which are being sold.  

  1. If you pair a fountain pen with ink cartridges you are not only increasing your sales from the same customer but also helping the customer to find everything he or she needs or saying that she needs this too and fulfilling her need.  
  2. If you run a business that sells electronics like television, computers, gaming units mobiles, etc. 
  3. Then selling a new computer you would offer a customer item like additional power supplies, a mouse, an external keyboard, a wireless mouse, etc. If you are selling mobiles, you can add up with data cables, chargers, mobile covers, screen guards, etc.
  4. These products make it easy for the customer to find everything under one roof and can make their lives easier.
  5. Suggest adding HDMI cables if your customer is purchasing an HD-ready DVD PLAYER.
  6. Promoting a customer to buy a pillow cover of he is buying a pillow set  


If you are a food supplier with a huge quantity of gravy packets that aren’t selling, you can put an offer like a gravy packet free with 5kg of potatoes.  

If you,  

Run a restaurant or bar and want to increase your order value you have to give more stress over selling more drinks. Drinks have much more profit than food. Selling drinks with food will generate more revenue. You can do it by running drinks offers.    

What is Cross-Selling

How to Cross-Sell ?

Cross-selling is not easy but you can make it easier by using simple techniques  

Here are some of the points which can help  

  • Try providing:

    you can combine multiple products and make a bundle and sell it. By preparing a kit that combines low-performing products or items with popular ones you can likewise sell the dead stock too.  

  • Offer discounts:

    It is very easy to convince a customer to add new products if you offer a discount. Offer a percentage of the less expensive product is the best way to use this offer. It will keep your profit margin higher but still feel like valuable savings to the customer.  

  • Make sure the products are related:

    don’t try to sell illogical products which have no connection with their needs. Customers will feel like you are not trying to serve their needs, and this can damage the relationship with a customer. Highlight the product which will benefit the customer. 

  • Use widgets

    : cross-selling is usually done on products, pages, and in the cart. You may have seen while shopping or after adding a product to the cart things like “frequently bought together” or “you may also like”. This can be done using cross-selling widgets. With the less known and high-demand product, you can make it easy to increase your average order value.  

  • Use retargeting

    : retargeting is a form of advertising used to convince previous customers to buy more products. The ads can run on social media sights or by email and have a great return on investment. 

Sell out with me:  

Cross-selling also lets you sell products that will otherwise remain in the inventory and have to return afterward. It takes the hard part out of your hand and lets you get back to selling. 

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