Difference between upselling and cross selling

The Difference Between Upselling and Cross-Selling

The difference between Upselling and Cross-selling: Upselling and Cross-selling are the terms used in marketing. Getting your sales team to maximize every sale may be the difference between moderate and major profit margins. In eCommerce, both techniques are used to generate revenue by increasing the amount a customer spends on your business. There are two simple sales techniques that your sales team should opt for or learn to improve sales to the point that customer is already buying something from you that is up and cross-sell.  

Up-Selling Existing Clients  

The difference between Upselling and Cross-selling. In upsell you try to sell a better product to the client, think of a car salesman to whom you already said that you want to buy a specific car, he will then suggest your series of options and upgraded models. This is a technique of upselling. There are so many ways to look at upselling. You can do this at the initial stage or the stage when a customer has already had a positive experience with your services. Some products are easy to sell but, in some products, customer needs service excellence.  

difference between upselling and cross selling

Cross-sell at point of sale:

Cross-selling happens at the time when a customer already selected one product. Cross-selling takes different products and gives the customer option to add this as an additional product. You can take an example of the Amazon check-out process, it tells you what others bought with the same purchase. Cross-selling often bundles things in such a way as to give a discount on the entire purchase or some other incentive like free shipping.  

Utilizing both in business:

Both sales techniques are valuable to sales managers if a sales representative can take every sale and increase it just by 10 percent just by adding a better version then the product margin increases. Some of the mastered upsell and cross-sell examples are fast-food restaurants. Whenever you order something, the cashier will ask you” do you want a larger size?” this is upsold.  


Upselling is harder to do than cross-selling, as it is costlier for the buyer. This is because the customer has already shown interest in buying a different product or particular product. The businessman or seller wanted to buy a more expensive product so they want to know to best-selling points. Cross-selling is adding a different product related to what the customer is already buying. However, as the products are related to each other, the customer can get agree to buy.  

Let’s discuss difference between upselling and cross selling

Parameters of comparison 




A better quality of product is promised in upselling 

An extra product is sold with the existing one is cross-selling. 


A similar item has been sold which was planned by the customer 

 A different item which is a combination with the purchased one is sold. 


Upselling is selling a more expensive one so the business is easier than the cross-selling. 

In Cross-selling knowledge is required the product or item that are relate with the product bought. So, you need a good knowledge of product needed. 


The sale of the particular product will go higher if the profit is due to single product. 

As the sale of multiple products increases the profit is also higher. 


When a customer needs an ordinary pen, insisting him/her buy a Parker pen is what upselling is all about. 

When a customer comes to buy a pen, selling notebooks and pencils along with it is the process of cross-selling 

Cross-selling and upselling are total winners when it comes to increasing your sales. If sales are done right, you will get loyal customers. However, you should act wisely. Before selling, make a list of products that you want to upsell or cross-sell, to get better selling results.