What Is Upselling?

What is upselling?  

 I think you should first know what is selling 

selling is to attempt to sell goods to the customer.   

 What is upselling? Upselling is a sales technique used to get a customer to spend more by buying an upgraded or premium version of what’s being purchased. This is done on a larger scale. Ecommerce businesses use this technique to maximize profit.  

 Why is upselling important?  

Upselling is important for increasing revenue and profit. Successful upselling also helps achieve their sales goal. They can improve our shopping experience. Online retailers depend heavily on upselling for several reasons:  

In the previous paragraph, we have learned what is upselling and now we will see Upselling helps retailers build deeper relations with customers  

Upselling is not a dirty tactic if you look at it in that direction or angle. If it focuses on helping your customer which will give more value or if it is a profitable deal for him, it will turn out to be happy and generate additional revenues.  

It’s easy to upsell to the existing customer than to new ones  

Upselling is much easier or more effective to sell to the existing as they trust you or bought something from you in the past than selling to a new customer who has never heard of your brand or purchased anything from you. The probability of selling to an existing customer is 60-70% much more than to the new customer is 5-20%. It is an easy win for an eCommerce business to grow and improve.  

Upselling leads to increased Customer Lifetime Value (CLV):  

Customer lifetime value is the total revenue you as an e-commerce business earns from a customer over time. It takes into account all their orders from when they are your customer. You can split your customer into three main categories.

What is Upselling?

Not profitable  


Very profitable  

Higher CLV means the company generates more revenue for business without having extra effort as they are existing customers. Now the company has more money to spend on acquiring new customers. Upselling is a technique to turn shoppers into customers and keep them coming back.  

Customers come back for more:


Upselling is such a technique that customers come back to you to buy more. Be sure to add great customer service along with your upselling efforts to guarantee happy customers  

Upselling Best practices:  

You can use upselling in three ways:  

Before Purchase:  

Display Recommendations at the bottom of the product or in the sidebar (sometimes for both)  

During purchase:  

Display recommendations using popups in the shopping cart, on the checkout page.  

After purchase:  

Use personalized emails to attract customers to come back for more.  

Successful upselling involves understanding your customers’ needs and making their shopping more enjoyable and easier. Always remember that good upselling gives a customer a feeling of winning. Here are some best practices to try for upselling:  

  • Reward them for spending more money on your site for example offer free shipping on your next order or a gift with your current purchase.  
  • Use Side by side same product with a different seller and with a more expensive version of the product.  
  • Try convincing that the product you sell is of reasonable range. customer will spend just 25% more amount than he has planned to spend.  
  • Don’t push the customer to buy your product. Showcase them alternatives but allow them to make up their mind on their own.  
  • Create urgency for your product with real-time updates like “only 2 items left in stock” or a limited-time deal.  
    • Suggest such products to the customers which add value to their purchase.  
    • Educate customers about risks or opportunities which they missed, or not taking advantage of the offer.  
    • Use the correct way to communicate the benefits of buying the product or the risk of not buying the recommended product.  
    • Show products with a similar choice to the customer but don’t give him too many choices.  

    I Have covered almost all points for effective upselling. Hope you find the strategies listed in this article helpful.   

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