What is Guerrilla Marketing?

What is Guerrilla Marketing?  

Nowadays, every business is striving to get their product out there, to inform and increase their sales. This is where GUERRILLA MARKETING comes into play. “GUERRILLA MARKETING” A marketing technique that highlight products with a little budget usually designed for small business but used by larger budget firms also or you can say that it is a way to drive publicity and, as a result, brand awareness by promoting using unconventional methods designed to surprise, wonder or shock. conditioning in public places originally known as guerrilla marketing  

we are discussing what is Guerrilla marketing? We have already received a pamphlet or flyer as we walked down on streets. Today, these techniques have changed or upgraded to social networks or socially as we see a change in the marketing strategies. Guerrilla marketing’s motto is to impact people’s minds by word of mouth and by sharing information via a campaign. The emotional appeal of a guerrilla marketing strategy is therefore essential. On the positive side, it has a negative side too  

What is Guerrilla Marketing

The biggest dangers of guerrilla marketing

the legal impacts that these conduct can have on the companies that take over them.  

Implicit misreading of conditioning that may have a mischievous effect on the brand  

The different types of guerrilla marketing  

There are 7 different types of guerrilla marketing some of them are explained below:  

  1. Viral marketing is done online through word of mouth via social networks and allows a brand to boom 
  2. Stealth marketing is advertising a product in such a way that people are not aware that you are trying to persuade them to buy it 
  3. Ambient marketing is a way of promoting products or services using unusual locations or items and their elements to your advantage as a communication channel. 
  4. Ambush marketing is the practice by which a rival company attempts to associate its products with an event that already has official sponsors. 
  5. Street marketing is a marketing technique that brings products or services directly to customers in a public place. 
  6. Guerrilla projection advertising is the act of projecting brand advertising still images or motion video onto buildings, to create an undeniable street presence that most consumers find interesting 
  7. Experiential marketing is a marketing strategy that engages the consumer and creates a real-life experience that will be remembered. This type of marketing focuses on getting the consumer to experience the brand 

Examples of Guerrilla Marketing

Here are some examples of guerrilla marketing:  

  • This hashtag was all the rage on Twitter (trendy for several days) and made the RED by SFR brand talked about during the first weekend of 2021.  
  • The collaboration between mutuality and my better self (influential on Instagram) was launched in December 2020 with the will to raise awareness about menstrual precariousness. In the description, the influencer specifies that each sharing of a story will lead to the donation of hygienic protection to associations dealing with the distribution of this protection.   
  • Two awareness-raising campaigns have been branded in recent years: the guerrilla marketing actions launched by UNICEF to raise public awareness of the difficulty of access to drinking water in Africa. The first initiative is Dirty Water Vending Machine, and the second, more recent initiative is entitled How far would you walk to find clean drinking water? Both videos are available above and speak for themselves. 
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