Microsoft will no longer host Internet Explore

Microsoft will no longer host Internet Explore

Last day of Microsoft internet Explorer!!! Yes, you heard it right, it took place on Wednesday the 15th of June 2022, fulfilled last year’s promise to close the dominant browser.

Microsoft was planning to end it for certain version of windows 10 but this is not end of windows as it is shifting from internet explorer to edge i.e Microsoft edge which was introduced in 2015 and announced that Microsoft edge is the future. Microsoft edge general manager Sean Lyndersay further showed concern about speed and more security and a modern browsing experience than internet explorer and will be more compatible than older legacy websites and applications wrote in a blog post in may 2021.

Microsoft is retiring its internet explorer browser, making it one of the digital scraps. [Fox News]. the company announced in 2020 that the internet explorer browser will be removed from Microsoft 365 apps and services which was followed from august 17 2021.

Internet explorer was a part of Microsoft for roughly 27 years. Initial version of internet explorer was released in 1995 and was the only browser before Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

Internet Explorer is one of the prominent players in the industry like Blackberry Dial up modems and Palm Pilots. The department of justice in 1997 sued Microsoft in response to allegations it violated an earlier consent decree, so the company agreed to a settlement in 2002 over monopoly with competing browsers. Microsoft also faced challenges by tying to windows over other browsers like Chrome and Firefox.

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